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PBL Example- AP English and AP U.S. History
This is a brief outline for a yearlong PBL in an AP Combined Studies class. 
Posted June 03, 2015

Foldable Periodic table pyramid
This is a simple periodic table pyramid that you would cut out and fold up. You can also color...
Posted June 26, 2014

Incorporating Cross-Curricular Concepts and Using Technology in The One and Only Ivan Novel Study
Posted June 12, 2014

Engaging Place Value Games
This presentation has games for place value for 2nd - 8th graders.
Posted June 12, 2014

K-2 Exploring Engineering
Teachers will engage in 2 engineering labs developed for primary grade students. The labs will...
Posted June 12, 2014

Practice lesson
Watch this video.
Posted May 29, 2014

Cells: The Basic Units of Life
Cells: The Basic Units of Life covers cell organelles and their functions.
Posted May 06, 2014

The Cell in Action
The Cell in Action introduces the process of cells. It covers osmosis, diffusion, endocytosis,...
Posted May 06, 2014

Genotypes of Punnett Squares
Genotypes of Punnett Squares is a lesson designed to introduce the basics of how to complete a...
Posted May 06, 2014

Mineral Identification
Mineral Identification is a lesson plan designed to introduce the properties of minerals.
Posted May 06, 2014

2013 MIni-Grant Winner! Robotics Engineering
8th grade Robotics Engineering unit. This 3-4 week unit uses 2 different robot systems and 2...
Posted May 05, 2014

Hot Hand Lab
This lesson is an introduction into the process of the scientific method using LabQuest...
Posted May 05, 2014

Electromagnet Lab
Students will create an electromagnet using a D battery, wire coil, and iron nail. They will...
Posted May 05, 2014

Acids, Bases, and pH Lab
Students will test the pH of unknown substances using two methods: pH indicator paper and...
Posted May 05, 2014

Identification of Animal Scat using a Dichotomous Key
Students will make observations of animal scat then identify the animal that produced the scat...
Posted May 05, 2014

Plate Tectonics Lab: Egg Tectonics
Materials Needed: Hard boiled egg, marker, plastic knife, and paper plate. Students will...
Posted May 03, 2014

Matter Lab: Mass
Materials Needed: Literature on how to measure mass and weight, items to measure, gram stackers,...
Posted May 03, 2014

Mass, Density, & Buoyancy
Materials Needed: Density Spheres, balance, medium sized container, water, & literature on...
Posted May 03, 2014

Density Lab Activity
You will need to have students read a passage about density. Materials Needed: balance and...
Posted May 03, 2014

2013 Mini-Grant Winner! Exploring Solid Shapes with Polydrons
Primary students will explore plane and solid shapes with magnetic pieces called Polydrons. ...
Posted May 03, 2014

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